Richard's Music
Folk GroupMusic has always played an important role in Richard's life. The Long Tower Folk Group, formed by Richard and Rita Moore, came into being in June 1980, while Derry was still in political turmoil. The Long Tower Church, where the Folk Group sang at mass every week, served the Bogside, Brandywell and Catholic homes within and adjacent to the south and eastern flanks of the old Derry Walls. The 1980's was a time of incredible tension and much of the violence took place in areas close to the church.

Richard and Rita were only 18 years old at the time and had just started going out with each other. The group's members were made up of children from the Bogside and Brandywell area. Incredibly they are still singing at mass today, 29 years later with Richard and Rita still the Musical Directors and many of the older members still there.
Midnight Hour
Throughout the 80's and 90's the group was an important outlet for many of the young people involved. Against the backdrop of violence, high unemployment and lack of facilities for young people Richard and Rita realised that, for the members, the group was not only a place to come and sing but was an important social outlet. As a result of this they organised day and weekend trips for the members to Donegal and other places throughout the Republic of Ireland. These trips proved to be so successful they got more adventurous and organised singing trips to America in the 80's and early 90's. They even went with Richard and Rita on their honeymoon in 1984. It was during one of these trips that the group recorded their first album entitled "Combination". In 2000 they recorded their second album, "Taking My Time".

Over the years the members have forged lifelong friendships with each other. Richard and Rita's daughters, Naoimh and Enya, also sing and play the piano and flute in the group but then this is not surprising as when they were little babies they used to lie sleeping in Richard's open guitar case during practices.

 Drive 105

In the late 1970s, CB radios were being brought into Ireland from America but were illegal in Northern Ireland which, for many of course, made using them even more exciting. Richard became a CB radio enthusiast and before too long was talking over the airwaves to people throughout Derry and further afield.

This was the beginning of his interest generally in radio. Eventually in recent years he decided to combine this interest in radio with his love of music and applied for a community radio licence.

Drive 105Drive 105, was awarded a community radio licence in 2007 and is Derry's first community radio station. Richard hopes that over the next few years Drive 105 will become an important and integral part of the local

It is a not for profit organisation whose main objectives are to act as a voice for the community by providing a forum enabling debate on local issues as well as playing music from the 60's to present day.

If you ever happen to be in Derry on a Sunday afternoon between 3 pm and 5.30 pm, just tune your radio to 105.3 fm and you will be able to listen to Richard present his own show. With his computer and voice software which reads whatever comes up on the screen, Richard is able to put together a show consisting of music and chat.


All royalties from the sale of Richard's book will go to:
"I encourage people across the World
to hear what Richard has to say"
Dalai Lama

"Having listened to Richard at our Area meeting I found him to be Inspiring, Humble and very Geniune. He would cause you to rethink many things you do whether on a personal or business level. A truly great man."
Gerry Quinn,
Head of Business,
St. James's Place NI.

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