His Holiness The Dalai Lama of Tibet accepts invitation to be the Patron of Children in Crossfire

On Thursday 6th May 2010 Richard Moore on behalf of Children in Crossfire, asked His Holiness to become patron of the charity that he founded in 1996. His holiness said 'it would be an honour'. His Holiness told Richard Moore "The example you have set is of benefit in personal and international relations. This is non-violence in action".

At the invite of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, Richard Moore went to visit him on Wednesday 5th May 2010 where he has lived in exile for the last 50 years in Dharamsala. Richard and His Holiness spoke to a packed venue of over 2500 Tibetan children yesterday as the Tibetan spiritual leader said that future generations would draw inspiration from Moore's spirit of forgiveness and compassion:
"It is my hope that the spirit of forgiveness and compassion you have revealed can be passed on from generation to generation," as the Dalai Lama introduced Richard he said, "He has an indomitable spirit, he is a real practitioner of compassion, and a living example of peace, he is my hero".

Richard said "This has been a wonderful experience and the Tibetan people are among the most peaceful and compassionate in the world".


All royalties from the sale of Richard's book will go to:
"I encourage people across the World
to hear what Richard has to say"
Dalai Lama

"Having listened to Richard at our Area meeting I found him to be Inspiring, Humble and very Geniune. He would cause you to rethink many things you do whether on a personal or business level. A truly great man."
Gerry Quinn,
Head of Business,
St. James's Place NI.

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