Children in Crossfire


Children in Crossfire

Children in Crossfire exists to make a significant and lasting contribution towards the eradication of poverty. The charity was founded in 1996 by Richard Moore. With your support Children in Crossfire gives children the chance to choose a better future.

The story of Children in Crossfire has its roots in what began as a tragedy and ended in the triumph of the human spirit to overcome violence and its negative associations.

Richard in AfricaIn 1972, aged 10, Richard Moore, the founder of Children in Crossfire, was blinded by a rubber bullet fired at point blank range into his face. Amazingly, from childhood to the present day, he has never allowed bitterness to stunt his development. "I learned to see life in a different way," is how he describes his remarkable acceptance of what, for most, would be a debilitating trauma.

Since Richard was blinded in 1972, he has become a husband, father, accomplished musician, folk group leader and successful businessman. In 1996 he felt the need to harness all that he had learned and put it at the service of humanity, particularly children around the world who, like himself, have been caught in the crossfire of violence, as well as poverty and hunger. 

Richard in Africa
Richard Moore was the subject of a BBC television documentary, 'Blind Vision' (2007) in which he meets the actual soldier who blinded him in 1972. Both men have now embarked on a journey of friendship.


All royalties from the sale of Richard's book will go to:
"I encourage people across the World
to hear what Richard has to say"
Dalai Lama

"Having listened to Richard at our Area meeting I found him to be Inspiring, Humble and very Geniune. He would cause you to rethink many things you do whether on a personal or business level. A truly great man."
Gerry Quinn,
Head of Business,
St. James's Place NI.

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