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‘Like many people, I am deeply grateful for the journey that Richard Moore has taken, beyond injustice and personal disability to the strong, inspiring and immensely fruitful life he lives today. He provides us with a vision of hope and open-heartedness well beyond the culture of fear that led to his injury. I hope that many will be inspired by this book, as I have been inspired by the depth, width and clarity of Richard Moore's vision.’
John Hume

‘Can I Give Him My Eyes?’ is the Inspiring autobiography of a boy blinded in war who found freedom in forgiveness.

Richard Moore was ten years old when, passing an army base with friends, he was shot and blinded by a British solider. For the family, it was the second tragedy in succession. Just months beforehand, Gerard McKinney, Richard’s mother’s brother, had been shot dead by British paratroopers on Bloody Sunday.

‘I was confused. It had been daytime on 4 May 1972 as I ran home from primary school but now it was suddenly dark. People were speaking, some shouting, with panic in their voices. I kept exclaiming, “I wasn’t doing anything! I wasn’t doing anything!'

‘Can I give him my eyes?’ was the question Richard’s father asked doctors when they broke the news that they could not save his sight. Here, Richard Moore lends us his eyes as he shares his remarkable and singular story, from his early years growing up on the working-class Creggan Estate in Derry, the second youngest of a family of twelve children. He describes the moment of grace that accompanied the realisation that he would never see again, and how the rough and tumble of childhood continued unabated, as his friends ‘loaned’ him their eyes to play hide and seek and ride his bike.

‘At first I was crashing into the pavement and sometimes into parked cars. So, my friend Paul Moran, had the idea of running in front of me, calling and directing me with his voice. It was fantastic. Following the direction of the sound, I endlessly cycled down Malin Gardens and around the roundabout. Sometimes I went so fast that my friends had to sprint to keep ahead of me . . .’

It is a vivid portrayal of growing up in a time of war, of the sustaining bonds of family and community, of happiness and humour against the odds, of his later work in the area of peace and reconciliation and of a remarkable meeting, years later, with the soldier who shot him. ‘Can I give him my eyes?’ tells the outstanding life story of a man whom the Dalai Lama describes ‘not only as my friend, but also my hero’.

'Forgiveness, let us be clear, is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of deep inner strength and greatness of heart. I witnessed and experienced this greatness when I visited Richard’s home town of Derry, on 18 July 2007. That morning Richard brought me a great gift. He introduced me to the man who had blinded him. For me it was wonderful to see that Richard had not only forgiven the soldier who fired the rubber bullet, but he had also befriended him . . . I encourage people across the world to read what Richard has to say.’
His Holiness the Dalai Lama, from the Foreword.

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All royalties from the sale of Richard's book will go to:
"I encourage people across the World
to hear what Richard has to say"
Dalai Lama

"Having listened to Richard at our Area meeting I found him to be Inspiring, Humble and very Geniune. He would cause you to rethink many things you do whether on a personal or business level. A truly great man."
Gerry Quinn,
Head of Business,
St. James's Place NI.

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